Confused about what your planner is going to do for you? You’ve been dreaming about this big day for too long to not enjoy the special time of your engagement. We make it easy by advising active couples in assembling the perfect expert wedding team. Check out the four simple steps below!  

No. 1: Schedule a consultation.
No. 2: Let us create a customized wedding plan.
No. 3: Execute the plan together.
No. 4: Enjoy a stress-free wedding that reflects you as a couple.

Read on to learn additional details about the process.




We do a deep dive into your design inspirations (e.g., art, culture, architecture, etc.), which will create the foundation for an event that represents you both.


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We collaborate with you to define and construct a budget with reasonable parameters to achieve your vision.

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We encourage and facilitate a conversation among relevant stakeholders to ensure everyone has been heard.




We assist in incorporating both of your past histories into your future together.


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We provide communication tools and techniques to allow you to navigate the world of weddings.

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You and your fiancé utilize your custom road map for a peaceful and enjoyable engagement with attainable benchmarks.